Volkswagen We
We are on the move

With a range of innovative mobility services – some already available in Berlin – Volkswagen We has set its sights on becoming a pioneer of the digital future. But the first step is crucial. Consumers must be made aware of the brand, with a clear understanding of the offered services and their benefits. To that end, we’ve worked closely with the company to forge a concept bringing Volkswagen We closer to the consumer and building trust in the brand.

Mobility of the future begins with a we

Our mission was to create brand awareness for Volkswagen We, while at the same time making this new brand world and its individual services understandable for the consumer. Ultimately we needed to impactfully deliver the answer to the question, Who are “we”?

The idea

We devised a key statement leaving no room for doubt that Volkswagen We is on a mission to change mobility as we know it: “We are on the move”. The core of the campaign includes three films, each portraying real protagonists whose life mission echoes that of Volkswagen We: advancing, enriching and redefining mobility. That’s because world changers are always moving. Last but not least, we cut a final edit with the best scenes from the three films, which, with an emotional “We are” voiceover, became the hero piece of our campaign.

The stories behind

Our chosen protagonists are always on the move, focusing on what really matters to find innovative solutions for their everyday lives. Through experiencing three authentic, daily-life stories, each individual customer can discover the unique benefits of Volkswagen We.

Beyza, entrepreneur and mother

Self-employed and a mother of two, productivity and flexibility help Beyza focus on what’s essential. Thanks to the clear and connected mobility world of Volkswagen We, she is able to make her everyday life uncomplicated and simple.

Jan Ole, musician

Flexibility and mobility are key for Jan – a musician always on the move. With a few clicks he can simplify his everyday life on tour, using the connectivity of the Volkswagen We mobility world.

Nobelhart & Schmutzig, gastronomers

To the owners of the acclaimed Berlin restaurant, innovation and sustainability are a top priority – just as for Volkswagen We. While Micha and Billy are choosing the perfect ingredients for their famed dishes, for example, they have their freshly cleaned uniforms delivered to their cars.

Various Media Assets

With a lightning quick turnaround we were able to produce no fewer than 12 different films with distinct goals. Apart from these, which included 4 emotional hero films, 2 explainers and 6 service-specific cut-downs, we als shot 55 photo motives. Additionally all appropriate media assets were created to ensure the content could be successfully played out not only on social media channels, but also on the client’s homepage and YouTube channel, through a​​ “display advertising” campaign, and at trade fairs.