Disney AR Campaign

How do you make every child’s dream come true?! Pair one of the most successful children’s toys of last year with one of the most iconic brands ever. We had the pleasure to create and produce the launch campaign for the Toniebox X Disney collaboration – utilizing not only film and photography, but also the magic of augmented reality.



The task

A two part campaign: the first step to our campaign was to tease the launch of the new Tonies without actually showing them, and the second part aimed to announce the new audio figures in an intriguing and extraordinary way. The entirety of our communication had to excite the target group for longer stretch of time, as we had to bridge the gap of 6 weeks between campaign and product launch.

The idea

Where do Disney Tonies come from? From Disneyland of course! The foundation of our story was set: A group of Tonieboxes travel to Disneyland, to scout for new stars and bring them home to the fans. Accompanied by our camera and film team, we created a range of footage to be used on social media.

But, we wanted to do more. So we let the community explore and try out the new Tonies on their own boxes, with the help of augmented reality.

Augmented reality

Using their already owned boxes, customers were able to try out virtual Disney Tonies – long before they were even available for purchase. It allowed for the users to see the product from every angle, move it around and even listen to some previews. The experience was created in Spark AR Studio and can be launched as a camera effect directly inside Facebook, without the use of a separate app. Based on this principle we created various AR modules, to make it exciting and diversified for the user.

Use your own box

Scan your own Toniebox and a virtual Tonie will appear. Pre-listen to the new Tonies and snap a picture to be part of a sweepstake. 

Without a box

If you don’t own a Toniebox, we have a virtual Toniebox for you – even with all the colors to choose from. This way the user can already check which color they like most, and demo the box with the new Tonies.


Get to know the Toniebox and how to use it. An animation displays the key features while still maintaining AR functionalities.


The sweepstakes had multiple steps. Participants had to guess where the trip will end via a series of images. With the AR launch they had to take pictures of the new Tonies, in order to show their newly set environment and homes. The pictures were enhanced by a toniebox framing and branding, and were shared on the Tonie Facebook page.

The grand prize: a weekend for the entire family at Disneyland Paris!


The community’s feedback was great, within a few hours every campaign post was commented thousandfold, as was the usage of the AR functionality and sweepstake participation.

This project proves, that AR is especially effective when it is not used as a mere showeffect. In this case we were able to give the most real but digital experience our users could have to demo the audio figures and Toniebox. All of this without leaving the channel they were already using: Facebook.