REWE Markt
Frisches Wissen

The trade-enterprise REWE Group is most commonly known for it’s large supermarket chain REWE, with more than 3.000 stores throughout Germany. In 2015, the enterprise asked for an interactive learning-tool that could be used by their over 8.000 apprentices in order to prepare for examinations and gain theoretic knowledge for practical assignments.

REWE Group


The Execution

As the target user group consists of 16-24 year old digital natives, we knew right from the start that the audience wouldn’t have embraced a simple learning application. Instead, we combined elements of applications the apprentices like to use on their private smartphones such as games, competitive apps and wikis. The REWE App “Frisches Wissen” is a gamification learning experience that enables users to study anywhere they want, allows them to earn rewards and compete with classmates based on their game scores. This way, the learning process doesn’t seem like a chore but more like an entertaining and challenging task.

Challenges and Content

Challenges and content are the application’s critical functionalities: On one hand they need to feature relevant information for the user’s apprenticeship while also making the user enjoy studying and motivating him to continue over the course of the next years. In collaboration with instructors and trainers, we designed challenges that are highly entertaining, relevant and useful.


Game-Challenge that features multiple-choice questions aiming at the user’s specific apprenticeship and development-level.


Enables the user to learn and memorize vocabulary based on the specific requirements for his apprenticeship.


The user is confronted with an unfamiliar term? No worries: He can probably learn its meaning by using the in-app glossary.


The entire app revolves around the idea of combining fun and learning. So what better way to motivate a user by implementing a Highscore-functionality in order to earn awards and challenge other users. The apprentices are able to see, how they rank in the different challenges, unlock badges based on their achievements and compare scores with other users.

An award-winning application

In 2016, the application won the prestigious “eLearning Award” for “outstanding performance and its innovative educational approach relying on brief and mobile-optimized learning content”.