John Frieda®

Demanding women want to achieve the extraordinary. John Frieda® understands extraordinary personalities and fosters long-term relationships with women with demanding hair. Consequently, we set up a new strategic ambassador cooperation in 2018 to reach the next level of brand loyalty. This involves influencers into real brand ambassadors as well as closing the gap between brand and audience by starting a loyalty program: The John Frieda® Brand Lovers.

The task: Increasing the customer loyalty to the brand.

Through this authentic and individual type of woman, our task is to establish a positive image and to draw the audience closer to us by giving them the opportunity to communicate the transformation of their demanding hair through John Frieda®.

The idea: #madeforme as the overall philosophy.

Under the umbrella idea #madeforme, combined with specifically selected ambassadors, we established an overall philosophy which connects women with John Frieda® to feel and learn about the power of transformation. What’s more, the intention is to close the gap between the brand and the audience by using brand lovers as product ambassadors and prove that demanding hair can be transformed with products that are #madeforme.

Ambassadors — John Frieda’s exclusive ambassadors are strong personalities who inspire users of John Frieda®products. They reveal how they transform their hair using John Frieda® products – and show the emotional and practical side of this transformation. With long-term contracts, they act as real brand ambassadors by giving tips to their audience and empowering them to feel the transformation by using John Frieda® products. The goal is:to increase customer loyalty for the brand. CREDIBILITY and ADVOCACY are the outcome of long-term, exclusive relationships.

Brand lovers — This loyalty program is designed for the woman next door. With our eye-level communication, we draw in women who already love John Frieda® into our everyday communication. We will pamper them with product packages and inspire them to share their transformation with us on social media. The goal is: to generate BONDING and show TRANSFORMATION through product usage.

The outcome

John Frieda® Ambassadors

Most importantly, we we looked for ambassadors with strong personalities who were more than just women with beautiful hair. Women with inspirational stories to tell. Together with Leyla, Olja, Carola Alexa, Sarah & Nike, John Frieda® celebrates the feeling of transformation! The feeling we get when we find our way from the ordinary to the extraordinary.




Sarah & Nike


#madeforme Online Platform

On the #madeforme sub-page we publish interviews, highlight-articles, and information about the preferred products of our ambassadors. This platform is there to inspire readers and introduce them to our ambassadors. Here they can read ambassadors’ stories, including travel journals. wedding tales, and hairstyling tutorials.

Blog Articles

Our ambassadors create outstanding branded content on their blogs, talking about art, photography, travel, self-love, female empowerment and of course their hair.

Instagram & Stories

The ambassadors are posting week per week showing of their hair and hair styles, taking us to beautiful destinations and tell their audience about their favourite hair products.

Instagram Take-Overs

Not only on their channels but also taking over the John Frieda® Instagram Channel letting our audience be part of Milan Fashion Week with Carola or discover Rome with Alessa.


With Sarah and Nike from, we create podcasts in which women talk about who they want to be, about their hair struggles and product usage, about fashion and photography, and about how to show off your personal hairstyle.

Limited Edition Cooperation

Together with Leyla from Lala Berlin, we created a limited-edition T-shirt to celebrate the #madeforme movement which was featured on online platforms such as VogueElle, and many more.

Live Event

Nike & Sarah from were the hosts of several live events which were broadcast on Facebook and Instagram. They talked with the other ambassadors about topics such as “A Tailor-Made You”, “Fashion and Styles,” and “City Travel and Photography”. We also invited the audience to participate and ask our ambassadors questions which were answered during these events. Plus, by engaging with us, consumers had the chance to win a shopping day in Vienna with Carola, a photo day with Olja in Amsterdam, and one of our limited-edition T-shirts designed by Lala Berlin.


Our chosen ambassadors and brand lovers have twice as much reach compared to other influencers and a three-times higher engagement rate as influencer benchmark. The John Frieda channel has 50% higher engagement and 2.5 times more reach since using the ambassadors to deliver brand testimonials.