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In spring 2018, the Frizz Ease campaign entered the next round. This time, the focus was the new Frizz Ease dream curl collection. A special collection for a hard-to-convince target group with particularly demanding hair, whose relationship with their hair could not be more emotional.

The idea

Even though many curly women have already learned to love their hair, it is still an ambivalent relationship. With the campaign “Good bye zerzaustes Chaos – hello Traumlocken!” we address this particular relationship. We created plenty of opportunities for identification and important receptive moments, while, at the same time, providing the users with the right tips and tools to show, that with the right products, every day can be a dream curly day.

Campaign film

Nothing conveys a message as emotional and relatable as a film.The concept idea was to bring a before-and-after split screen to life. The high-quality film consists of different scenes that capture different receptive moments, where it is clear, that the protagonists have demanding hair.

Content Creation

In line with the campaign film production additional photo content was generated, via a professional shooting, to provide footage for all relevant channels during the entire runtime of the campaign. By the way… the print campaign is the best-performing campaign since John Frieda first launched print ads.

Interviews / street-casting

To fill the campaign with opportunities for the users to identify themselves on an emotional level, and to create trust through the involvement of “real” curly women, we released short interviews on a regular basis with previously street-casted curly women, who share their experiences with the John Frieda product-packages, which they tested before.

Curly Tipps

From Curly for Curlies. With the slogan “Gemeinsam für mehr Lockenliebe”, users can share and rate particularly helpful tips via the Curly Tips platform. With this peer-to-peer communication we stimulate WoM, and give users a chance to create campaign content, that makes curly women have the most confidence: curly women.


Once a week, small tips or application examples are sent via WhatsApp directly to the smartphones of the users, who have signed up for this service. An ideal tool to encourage word of mouth and the sharing of our content, build trust and get very close to the community.

Contest Activation

Every curly woman has days when she loves her curls, even if they are rare at times. Our contest activation asks you to share these #lockenliebe-moments with John Frieda and its community. Wether it be a good hair day, a particularly successful selfie, or even a snapshot with disheveled hair, because this is also part of the curly-haired feeling, that should be celebrated. All who entered had the opportunity to win a dream trip to Paris and also exclusive product packages.