#gameonrw Trailer

Did you know, NRW is a hotspot of the gaming industry in Germany? For the get-together of 30 representatives of the North Rhine-Westfalian games industry, the “Games Summit” in Cologne, we happily created a retro-pixel-art trailer. It sums up the main facts about NRW and its multifarious industry. The video was shown at the event but also appeared in their social media communications. Get pixelized!



The concept

Our briefing was to produce a trailer for the gaming industry, using a classical gaming look and feel. We were hooked from the very first second on this project. Given our love for nostalgia, it didn’t take us long to propose the usage of a retro-pixel 8-bit style with a modern twist. This 8-bit layed the common ground for the entire industry and grabs any game enthusiast by heart. We took this look to the next level into the year 2019. Our concept was to assure, that single parts of the film are easily adaptable to short GIF animations in a square format, so all social media channels could be covered with our assets.

Developer scene

Developers are like hidden superheroes, with their difference, unique specialties and skills. Our idea was to portrait them as characters you can choose in an old arcade game.


How does games funding actually work? We interpreted the games industry as a big, complex, somehow crazy machine. The funding is symbolized by a coin – typical for games – which is inserted into the machine. This makes the machine run smoothly, producing one game after another.


Gamescom is the largest games fair in the world today. We re-imagining the Gamescom in a futuristic version, with hypermodern buildings and technical elements around it.


What is the essence of E-Sports? In this chapter we combined today’s E-Sports with retro gaming to explain the very basic elements. 2 players are facing each other and compete with the classic speedlink joystick on arcade machines.

Young talent

Young talents are the future of the industry, and they need good education to grow and improve their skills. We visualized this process of learning and growing with a cute robot, which gets an upgrade by a 3,5″ disc.