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Urban Art Map

Düsseldorf’s connection to art is close, Immendorf, Ücker, Beuys, the famous art academy – there’s no doubt. Still lesser known is its urban art landscape,  Düsseldorf is still a “hidden champion” in that field. Time to step forward – we are supporting Düsseldorf Tourismus in highlighting the local Urban art scene for the benefit of visitors and locals.

Düsseldorf Tourismus

Digital , Film / Photo

Outcome: The Film

Experience Düsseldorf’s urban art in a whole new way with a film about art where you don’t see the art! We’ll take you on a virtual tour from signature piece to signature piece. Cool transitions and a creative wayfinding through the outdoor gallery will make the viewer want to discover the variety of urban art styles and works in Düsseldorf himself.

The Task

From real connoisseurs to newcomers – the fascination for urban art can quickly take hold. The show “Wonderwalls” (09/2022-02/2023) was the most successful exhibition ever at Düsseldorf’s NRW Forum, showcasing Banksy, Shepard Fairey or KAWS works – and set the tone. To highlight the city’s very own urban art scene Düsseldorf Tourismus teamed up with us to create further attention to pieces shown in the streets. Cultural lectures are out, experience-oriented art is in: With our campaign we engage visitors and locals to discover the art they surrounded by in the city every day.

The Idea

“The art is outside. Go there.” is the maxim and invites the public to experience urban art in the places where it is created. House walls, electrical boxes, subways – with an urban art map we create a virtual tour from signature piece to signature piece on film and online.

Our creative twist – the artworks are presented in pixels: In order to find out what is hidden behind them, the works themselves have to be visited in real life. The campaign promotes artists and encourages people to engage with their work: Let’s break down the boundaries between viewer and creator and elevate the art experiences.

Large wall art by Hendrik Beikirch.
Littlelill.y on a electrical box.
L.E.T. – Les Enfants Terribles with a message in a subway.

Outcome: The Interviews

There is so much art and stories to discover behind the scenes – we are sharing some them – in order to make Düsseldorf’s urban art better known in the city and beyond. We are presenting selected artists and their core works which can be seen in Düsseldorf: Not one style but diversity – a broad spectrum of urban art. Authenticity and more in-depth infos are provided in interviews with artists and local urban art personalities.

Nina Bienefeld ran the gallery “Nina Sagt” and is an expert for the local art scene.
Klaus Rosskothen is the founder of Pretty Portal, a pioneering gallery in the field of urban art in Düsseldorf.
Selim Varol displayed his collection at the exhibition “Wonderwalls” and was also a panel guest at the release event at Parasol’s workspace in February 2023.

Outcome: Release Event at Parasol Island

We have hosted a release event at Parasol Island in Düsseldorf. Together with Düsseldorf Tourismus and in cooperation with magazine The Dorf, we have celebrated the launch of the campaign “The art is outside. Go there.” Besides the presentation of the campaign and the the film, there we were happy to welcome Klaus Rosskothen from Pretty Portal Gallery who spoke about an iconic urban art piece by L.E.T. – Les Enfants Terribles. Collector Selim Varol was also on stage sharing some insights about his passion for art and his collection. Analogue images of the artworks and selected pieces from Selim’s collection were presented in the gallery corner at Parasol Island’s workspace.