The task

Instead of an classic exhibition stand, the Telekom AG staged a varied festival at IFA 2019, the #DABEI Festival. With a mixture of musical top acts like the Fantastischen 4, podcasts, talks and Meet-Ups the brand appearance formed a strong contrast to the usual, very superficially product and technology-driven exhibition stands. The festival area was dominated by a large LED on the main stage and the so-called Content Wall, but also included a whole series of other screens distributed throughout the exhibition hall.

Parasol Island was responsible for the graphic development and animation of the content for all central digital media areas, ranging from a flexible, extensively animated “OnAir Design”, the design of various presentation templates, to a motion design social media teaser. The Parasol Island Team was present with technology and workstations during the set-up and rehearsals, as well as throughout the entire event, and implemented adjustments at short notice.