Beauty-Box Remixed

Trending: Customization

Popular sample boxes have succumbed to the latest trend in the beauty industry: individualization

These days, beauty boxes are practically indispensable as a marketing strategy. Customers unwilling to buy expensive products without trying first can buy these packs of samples at a low price, and try out small-size versions. But there’s a catch: the boxes’ fixed selection can be boring and frustrating, rarely suiting an individual’s taste – and even triggering allergies. Customers have lost interest in piling their shelves with unwanted samples, and are turning away from the once-popular format. That’s why have shaken things up with their Pick ‘N’ Mix beauty box. Customers can choose up to five different product samples once a month – and have their box shipped to their door for just 3.95 GBP. Apart from intriguing, lesser known labels, big-hitter luxury brands like Burberry and Prada are also represented. And the menu ranges from perfume samples and skin-care products to all things hair-related. Customers can redeem their first-time shipping costs as a discount on the next purchase.

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Available in the UK